Racing images captured on film

Racecourse Clerks please read.


Like everything in life to have options and not have all your eggs in one basket is always a plus.

Thoroughbredsonfilm is well aware of racecourse rules and being involved with professional photography for over 12 years and thoroughbred ownership you can be sure Simon will not upset the running of your meeting.

Already this new dept of Perfect Images UK is recieving comments on how our photography as bought a new vision on race horse photography. We understand that many courses in the uk have official photographers who mainly take photographs of winning thoroughbreds and there work is 99% digitally documented for quick turn around.

Simons approach to this sport as visitors can see by our images in our albums is totally unique in it's own right and all is documented on film with next day turn around. Simon has many years of photographic experience and he is dedicated to the art of professional photography and capturing images in this sport that are not the usual run of the mill. His images can be used for every purpose from paper publications, web site shots, consumer uses etc. Shooting on film means all reproductions are possible to the highest of photographic quality with very little loss of image quality.

So if you are a Clerk of a racecourse and dont want all your eggs in one basket and would like photographic options for your course please feel free to contact Simon who will only be to glad to let you use his images for your web site for free while offering racecourses massive discounts for images they may want to use for racecard publications, menus or similar and in most cases free use of images with agreed terms for paper publications in return for Official Entry Accreditation to your course.

' Simon does not mind standing behind your official photographer '

Paying to enter a racecourse as a spectator allows Simon to get the same images but with a little more effort!

Of course thoroughbredsonfilm is fully insured and can forward a official pdf file of cover if needed. We always comply with the BHAGI 5.2 unless course officials have granted specific requests.

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Regards Simon.