Racing images captured on film



All images on this site are copyrighted by UK and International Law. Images are not to be used , saved or downloaded with out permission. Any one found to have breeched or violated our copyrights will be prosecuted! All images that are displayed are watermarked.

Photographic orders will not be dispatched until full payment as been made. Please allow up to 14 working days for your order to arrive. All print orders are posted by recorded signed for royal mail services.

Photograhic Prints & Canvas Prints can be sold time and time again and purchased by any one, body or organisation but they can not be displayed in any commercial way, magazine, web site or publications of any kind. Photographic prints and canvases are sold for personal displays only ie/ home, office, club room or simlar.

Electronic Files can be displayed anywere the buyer of the licenced image wishes including publications until licence expiry. The purchase costs of a electronic file with user licence is considerably less if the buyer gives the creator a credit when the image is displayed or published. Large discounts are given for more than 5 files purchased at the same time. Images sold with a user licence will only become available for sale again when the user licence as expired. Options to extend a image user licence are always available.

Purchasing full copyrights. When a image is sold with full copyrights the buyer may print the image as often as they wish. The buyer will be able to display the image as often has they wish or resell the original image. Buyers will be the owner of the original film negative / positive image so any print or canvas that have been previously sold will only be a reproduction of the original. Resales of any image will cease immediately if full copyrights have been purchased. Images sold with full copyrights will never become available for sale as a print or canvas again from thoroughbredsonfilm or it's original creator. Sales of this kind will require the signing of a legal contract

Watermarks. Images sold will not have any watermark present. Watermarks that are present on images displayed on this site is for security against image theft only. Watermarks may be visable or hidden on displayed images.

Retaining Display rights. Simon will only sell a image with full copyrights on the understanding that he may continue to display the image in his personal portfolios, web sites and gallery displays.

All images on this site can be converted to a electronic file format and cropped / adjusted to clients specifications ' please keep this in mind when viewing images ' Electronic files are perfect for web publications and modern day magazine inclusions. Files supplied up to 500 mb for larger format printing. Negative and positive film images can be supplied for reproductions in top class glossy magazines or large format printing.