Racing images captured on film


Hi Simon,
Nice to talk to you yesterday, this is one of my rare days off and i'm still up at bloody 4.30
Simon if you can send my a banner of some sort I'll put it on my website on the links page.
Anyway Simon it was nice talking to you and just looking at the pictures on your site they are truly professional standard and in a different league to the other guy
Keep up the good work
Paul Fowlie
Hey Simon,
                  This is Joe Parente who you briefly met at Beverly, the owner of aleatricis. I just wanted to get in touch for two reasons really,
1)  Thanks for the kind intro and did any of the photos come out well of the horse???
2)  What a fantastic website. As a non digital photographer I am in awe of your skill and perseverence in a world with people cheating around you. The photos on your website look great, the colours and actually overall composition.
Thanks again for making a great day even greater and look forward to seeing some results!
All the best Joe
Thanks Simon for your assistance.i'm looking forward to the cracking photos and will look forward to doing business in the future(winners enclosure,hopefully!!!)      cheers Gary Wilson.